Hash Brown - Potato Fry

Hash brown is a easy quick potato recipe. Shredded potato are pan-fried. It is served during breakfast with bread roast and omelet. I prepared this in combination with bread roast and Egg Omelet Roll. Hash brown is crispy on the outer surface, they are soft and fluffy on the inside. You can also make them as separate circle shaped pieces. Flavor hash browns with salt and pepper while serving or can be added while frying.

Hash Brown Potato Fry

  • Potato - 2 big sized
  • Pepper - as required 
  • Oil - 1 tbsp
  • Salt to taste

  1. Clean the potatoes in water. Remove the skin of potatoes and grate them.
  2. Heat a frying pan and grease them with cooking oil. When pan is hot, reduce to medium flame. Then spread the grated potatoes over the pan. You can make them into two or three small circular shapes. Temper with salt and pepper.
  3. Color of potatoes will start changing to a darker color as it gets cooked. Check whether the other side is roasted to golden brown color. Then flip them to the other side and roast. Transfer it to plate with tissue to remove excess oil. 
Serve with bread roast and Egg Omelet Roll...!!!

Hash Brown Potato Fry Egg Omelet Roll Bread Roast